Standard Teeth Whitening KIT ONLY


You asked, so here it is!

Are you already a trained and certified tooth gem technician, looking for a professional kit to provide your clients with the best results. 

ALL kits will be sent with application materials only. 

Please understand this kit will NOT include any training materials.  By choosing the Kit Only option you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of receiving the kit with no further training.  jsb beauty is not held responsible for any damages or incorrect placement to clients mouth. 


This course is designed for all trainees to succeed and make their money back quickly!

Standard Kit includes:

  1  X Teeth Whitening light

10  X Cheek Retractors

  1  X  Desensitizing gel

10  X JSB Beauty Advanced Teeth Whitening gels

50 X  Vitamin E Swabs

  1  X  pack Dental Bibs

  1  X  Box of Gloves (S,M,L)

  1  X  3D Teeth shade guide 

  1  X  Gum Barrier 

  1  X  pack large Cups

  1  X  pack small cups