Boss Babe training complete thanks to @jsbbeauty. Ya girl got drip for sale. Tooth Gems & Teeth whitening in Sacramento


Another Boss Babe investing in her business and taking control of her finances. She completed the elite duo training course program


New trainee alert! This Boss Babe completed the Elite Duo Training course program. She is now offering Tooth gems and cosmetic teeth whitening.


This Boss babe really traveled from Wisconsin to train with jsbbeauty. Thank you for trusting and choosing us to help start your new services.


Congrats to this Boss Babe for completing the Tooth Caviar one one training. She has been excited and ready for month.


Calling all men with the Boss mindset, looking to expand their brand and business. Jacob completed the in person elite teeth whitening course.

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These two Boss babes are offering Tooth Caviar and cosmetic teeth whitening Thank you for driving down from oceanside, near San Diego to train with jsb beauty.


This Boss babe has successfully completed the standard teeth whitening program.


wow!! This Boss Babe came from Dallas, Texas just to train with jsb beauty! I feel so honored she trusted jsb beauty with this part of her business. She took a flight just to train one on one. Thank you!